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G-Dawg Trading is an online trading and selling hub for collector's. We offer affordable breaks and games with guaranteed mailings, so you get all the fun of gambling, without any of the risk.  
Check out our cheap Monday Blues Buster Baseball and Football Breaks for just $6 per random team. 
Visit our auction house for bidding fun at a competitive price.
To see what our Club Members and Usual Suspects have for sale, visit The Dawg Pound. Link in menu. 

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We have Trivia and a Giveaway every week.

We announce our new giveaway every Monday, then pin the post to our profile until Friday when it all goes down at 10pm EST. 

Do you like Trivia? Every Wednesday Night at 9pm EST, we do a 10 question trivia night where you can earn extra spots on the Giveaway Wheel by being the first to answer any in a series of questions correctly. 

Want even better odds? Follow us @trading_dawg and ask me about our Club Cards.
Join a club, flash your card, and you will earn extra spots on the Giveaway Wheel as well as other arbitrarily decided prizes. It's like our internet version of being a sign spinner. Our club members win 65% of the total wheel spins! 

Or it can just be free. Simply LIKE our weekly Giveaway tweet, and show up Wednesday for trivia night, and you can win at a much higher rate than the average joe.  Whatever you decide, be sure to check us out. We do it every week and we run a fair game! 

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