Be sure it's a winner. 

Are you confused by the complex 10 or 20 point grading systems and like myself, just want to know you have a good copy of the card you're chasing? A card in MINT Condition? You know, MINT, the thing we used to say as kids when a card was seemingly perfect to the naked eye? Well, we take it a step further and meet the pro graders and the 4th graders each half-way using a nine point grading system that determines your card to have good corners, no creases or tears, no outwardly obvious discoloration, centering no worse than 60/40, no major surface wear or marks, no punctures, perfect to the naked eye and worthy of the mid-high to high end of any reputable price guide magazine.

2023 Topps Game Within the Game #2, Gunnar Henderson, Orioles, MLB Trading Card

2023 Panini Select Tye-Dye /25 Autograph, Anthony Richardson, Gators, Colts, NFL Trading Card 

Topps Game Within the Game Frank Thomas, White Sox, MLB Trading Card

Available by request to customers. Certs will be emailed as a printable PDF

A new look 

What it is and is not. 

MINTED is a 9 point grading scale that determines a card to be in MINT condition and worthy of the high end price of any reputable price guide magazine. This is our highest and only grade. We take a close but simple look at every card using light to enhance our view to determine the card has no surface stains or spots, no dinged corners, no scratches, creases or tears, no print lines, no discoloration, centering no worse than 60/40 and is seemingly perfect to the naked eye. And that is where we stop. 

What it is NOT...
A G-Dawg Trading Certified MINTED card is not a PSA 10, or an SGC 9. We employ a grading system uniquely created specifically for people that are confused by the complex grading scales used today- that just want to know they have a good looking copy of the card that can be priced at the high end of it's current pricing scale. G-Dawg Trading Certified MINTED cards should not be used to send in to PSA or any other grading company as pre-inspected hits. 


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